"AlYaqoot", a new release for Alfanous Quranic search engine website.

We launch a new release of alfanous website, today the 4th of August 2013 Corresponding to  the 26th of  Ramadan 1434 after the work of months. The release is named "alyaqoot" and dedicated to 01walid (Walid Ziouche) for the push he gave to alfanous project and his immense efforts in this release. It introduces a new simple look for the website that make it easier for users to surf. It includes the responsiveness feature so the website works fine for different screen sizes including tablets and smart phones. In addition, the website now accept many styling skins. You can use the website in 5 languages:  English, Arabic, French, Indonesian, Japanese. Though, the website can be translated easily to more languages. This website got, May 2013, the award of the best religious website in Algeria Web Awards 2013.

Alfanous, by the way, is a free libre open source project of  a functional, dynamic, comprehensive Qur'an search engine that has been effectively designed to carry out simple or advanced Quranic searches. Alfanous uses a contemporary, highly developed approach to retrieve vital information, enabling stable efficient, speedy searches to be conducted.   

Why alfanous?

  1. Alfanous is a Search Engine: not just a search tool.

  2. Alfanous is FREE LIBRE OPEN SOURCE: Any one can use it , any one can contribute in coding, translating, design...etc. the source code is here!

  3. Alfanous is a Python API: that allows anyone to create independently a web interface, desktop interface , Android/Iphone/Windows phone interfaces , facebook/twitter/G+ applications ...and so on.

  4. Alfanous is a research project : so we figure out how to improve search features and introduce new ones..

  5. Alfanous has lot of features: see Search Features.

  6. Alfanous has many interfaces for many platforms: see Interfaces.

  7. Alfanous is FREE GRATIS: no payment, no ads.

Contributors of this release are:

  • Developers: Assem Chelli (assem-ch), Walid Ziouche (01walid), Azzeddine Islam Mennouchi  (islamoc).

  • Designers: Muslih Alaqaad (muslih)

  • Translators: Abdelkarim Aries, Yasmine Houadjli, Nasreddine Cheniki,

  • Writers: Kacem Bokraa, Rahma Marref, Yasser Ghemit

The complete list here contains contributors of the whole project including different interfaces and releases.

If you are interested in tranlsating the website into more languages, please follow that link .